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Welcome to our Community!

Hello all and welcome to the Well Life Yoga & Health Community! I'm so glad you are here on a journey to better health. My name is April Gutierrez. If you'd like to know more see the About Me page for a short introduction.

I began this business to not only share Yoga with everyone, but eventually to create a community of wellness through Yoga, whether Asana (postures), Meditation, Inner or Outer Work and more. This will along the path include moving our bodies, growing our souls, calming our minds as well as focusing on strengthening our bodies with strength training sessions, nutrition guidance, online video memberships and more!

Stay tuned for future blog posts including some backstory on me and my journey. I wasn't always fit and I wasn't always healthy--AT ALL. Health & Wellness is a way of life and includes changing habits to maintain a certain standard of well being.

We hope to grow with the community and find like-minded people and professionals to ensure we all live a Quality Life. So we can all "Live Well!" It all starts with you and a consistent practice of health building habits. Are you ready?

Hope to see you on the mat and in the Studio!



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