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Life Purpose

Updated: Oct 30, 2022

Hey everyone...I wanted to check in with you all. How's life going? I've been working on fulfilling my Life Purpose of helping others Live Well. That includes spiritual, physical and mental health. It is ALL important! I'm hoping to have an offering for you all in the next couple you'll see more of that coming your way SOON.

How things have been...

For me lately I had been a ball of anxiety for a month or hormonal changes plus busy days and lack of a planner really makes for some high strung work days! I'm finally starting to get back to normal but being a Yogipreneur and also working a full time job has me moving from place to place and thing to thing. Phew!

How do I manage?

I literally have to ground myself everyday. It starts off with a morning Yoga routine to release tension in my body, followed by some meditation to calm my mind, then some high vibe music while I'm getting ready for work to WAKE my brain up. After that it's a set of morning affirmations normally as I'm finishing getting ready and on my way to work!

It really helps me set my mood and intentions for how I want my day to go.

Of course from there I make sure I TAKE MY BREAKS at work which include literal grounding which is the act of placing your bare feet on the earth. So many people don't take breaks....if you're one of them--Why not??

How are you managing?

Are you already calm and peaceful?

That sounds nice to be that way by default, but with our busy society it doesn't seem like the norm. I found out years ago that I was prone to high anxiety...but I didn't find Yoga/Meditation/Breathwork until I was in my 30's! By then I had years of daily anxiety and panic attacks under my belt.

Now though I have a whole routine to re-center me. Most days it works, some days it doesn't, especially now as I'm nearing my 40's...NOT YET, but close!

Would you like a routine like that? If yes, what has stopped you from starting?

If not and you're already good with a routine, what do YOU do? Let me know by leaving a comment below. ;)



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